Restaurants in Rotorua New Zealand are a must-visit

Restaurants in Rotorua New Zealand are a must-visit

Restaurants in Rotorua New Zealand are a must-visit – It is mandatory to visit when in Rotorua New Zealand, the restaurant is very delicious and delicious to be eaten by tourists from anywhere

If we travel to Rotorua, then we must visit a place called Skyline. This Skyline is a tourist spot located just a few minutes from the center of Rotorua in the high mountains of Ngongotaha. Skyline is a must visit because it not only provides a variety of interesting adventure activities but also has a very beautiful view.

Visitors can ride the gondola and enjoy the magnificent views of the lakes and the area around Rotorua. Visitors can also visit the Food Market Kitchen, which serves all kinds of food from delicious coffee to fruit ice cream, and at the top there is a luge. And there are many other places to visit on Skyline. The ticket validity period on Skyline is 24 hours.

One of the must-visit places on Skyline is Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar. This restaurant is strategically located as it overlooks the lake and the beautiful city of Rotorua. The design of this restaurant itself is very elegant and leads to a modern design. At this Stratosfare restaurant, visitors are served a buffet with western food. Visitors are free to choose food according to their tastes and portions. However, there are 5 items that are not included in the package at Skyline, namely cray fish, eye fillet, scotch fillet, lamb rack, and morton bay bug.

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According to one restaurant visitor named Richard Kevin, the most delicious food at this restaurant is seafood, one of which is bluff oysters such as shellfish. Bluff osyter is only obtained from the southernmost New Zealand. Another advantage of this restaurant is their service or service is very good. This restaurant really prioritizes service to visitors, which is an important part of Stratofare Restaurant & Bar.

Another interesting thing about this restaurant is the multicultural staff, some from Indonesia, India, Thailand, Korea, United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa, and other countries. This provides a distinct advantage because the staff can serve visitors who come from various countries more flexibly.

Therefore, don’t forget to visit Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar if you are traveling to Rotorua, it will be an awesome experience. Happy traveling guys