Recommended Halal Restaurants in Singapore

Recommended Halal Restaurants in Singapore – For Muslims, halal food is one of the most important things. When some people are on vacation in Singapore, they will definitely look for restaurants that provide halal food for them to eat. The following is a list of halal restaurants in Singapore

1. Subway

This fast food sandwich restaurant is well known in many countries, but not all outlets have a halal certificate. Luckily, you can enjoy halal sandwiches at Subway Singapore. Now, the restaurant has obtained a halal certificate from the Singapore Islamic Religious Council (MUIS).
In Subway Singapore’s official Facebook post in March 2018, the fast food chain announced that its 132 outlets in Singapore were officially no longer selling menus containing pork, and had begun the process of obtaining a halal certificate. And since September 2018, Singapore Subway outlets have been certified halal.

Recommended Halal Restaurants in Singapore

2. A&W

Only halal-certified in November 2020, you can now safely enjoy A&W restaurants in Singapore. However, it should be noted that the halal-certified outlets are only in two places —Jewel Changi Airport Singapore and another branch at AMK Hub.
This was announced by the company HalalHub Consultants via social media Facebook —this was also confirmed by MUIS, a halal agency in Singapore. Crispy fried chicken, spiral fries, vegetable soup, and other A&W-style dishes are now officially halal!

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3. Jiak Modern Tzechar

Carrying the theme of the Zi Char restaurant, which means the tradition of eating together at one table with a variety of Chinese specialties, this restaurant has become a culinary destination for tourists.

Fortunately, this Chinese restaurant has been labeled halal, so it can provide a satisfying dining experience. If interested, you can order some of the popular menus here, you know! There is curry fish head, claypot golden chicken, chili crab, and salted egg prawn —a unique Chinese side dish, with a taste suitable for young people

4. Elfuego by Collin’s

In addition to sandwich restaurants, fried chicken, and Chinese food, you can also find places to eat halal steak in Singapore. This was stated directly by the main chef of Elfuego by Collin’s, Koh Han Jie, to coil.
This dining concept restaurant is located at Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore, —offering a variety of contemporary European cuisine. One of the important things for steak lovers, the meat dishes at this restaurant are also cooked without using wine to maintain the halalness of the dish.