Recommended Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta

Recommended Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta – In Jakarta there are many places to eat that can make people want to visit and try to eat there. Not only Indonesian specialties, but also some Japanese specialties that provide Japanese cuisine

1. Umaya Sushi

This sushi restaurant is famous for its interior that is very thick with Japanese culture. Upon entering Umamya Sushi, you will be greeted with unique swing-shaped chairs. Some of Umamya Sushi’s mainstay menus include tuna tartare, sashimi baked ebi katsu, and savory curry beef.

2. Momo Paradise

Momo Paradise is a Japanese restaurant that carries the all you can eat concept. This restaurant provides quality beef.

You can choose five types of beef with different prices. The beef at Momo Paradise is thin and flat, so the taste is tender. There are several variants of sauce that you can choose according to taste.

Recommended Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta

3. Gindaco

This Japanese restaurant is quite unique, because the interior carries the concept of a street stall. Not so many benches here. A touch of minimalism makes the atmosphere feel so comfortable.

The main menu is takoyaki. You can choose original takoyaki, mentaiko cheese takoyaki, party box takoyaki, and takoyaki teritama. The topping is octopus which is famous for being delicious.

4. Sushi Hiro

Sushi served on a ladder-shaped miniature makes Sushi Hiro has a characteristic in the hearts of its customers. Besides sushi, there are also processed seafood and beef that will make you go into a food coma.

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5. Kintaro Sushi

Kintaro sushi serves a modern sushi menu. The best seller menu is chirashi which contains rice with sashimi topping.

In addition, you can order osaka roll, tendon, salmin mentai don, and mosaic chirashi with a bento concept. Satisfaction guaranteed!

6. Ikkudo Ichi

There are quite a lot of Ikkudo Ichi branches in the capital city of Jakarta. However, the branch at PIK is wider than the others. Ramen lovers really have to try their ramen. There is a choice of halal and non-halal ramen.

You can choose a variety of toppings, such as beef and eggs. Besides ramen, Ikkudo Ichi serves other favorite menus, such as boiled and fried gyoza which are really delicious.