The First Airline to Open an Airplane-Themed Restaurant

The First Airline to Open an Airplane-Themed Restaurant

The First Airline to Open an Airplane-Themed Restaurant – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from trusted sources, this is the first airline to open a restaurant with an airplane theme.Which of you has ever tried a meal on a plane? Yes, if you take a long-haul flight, of course you will get a special dining menu for passengers. Even though it looks tempting, unfortunately the food eaten on board usually tastes less appetizing, even tastes bland.

But if you want to get a similar sensation with a much more tantalizing, calm taste, now there are several restaurants and dining places with airplane themes. The restaurant is transformed into a cabin, complete with tables and airplane windows. Want to know anywhere? Check out the following reviews.

Airplane food menus don’t actually have the best reputation among other types of food. However, one of these airlines is desperate to open a pop-up restaurant with airplane themes, complete with their food menu.

The airline in question is Thai Airways. The airline has deliberately launched a new dining venue where the menu is the same as the menu served during its flights, with around 2,000 meals served to visitors every day.

The restaurant was built in the canteen of the airline’s headquarters in Bangkok and became an airplane-themed restaurant, complete with its interior. The restaurant seats use airplane seats, as well as other interiors, taken from old airplane parts.

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There is seating for lunch and dinner, while in the morning visitors can enjoy tea, coffee and a selection of baked goods. The restaurant’s pop-up popularity has prompted the brand to open branches at several of its other offices in the city later this month.

The move was taken because the Corona virus pandemic commercial flights to Thailand were stopped. So the idea is to
This isn’t the first time an airline has opened a restaurant serving airplane food. Last year, AirAsia opened a fast food restaurant serving the same dishes as those on its in-flight menus.

The company explained the decision was taken after they saw that demand for their in-flight menu was quite high above the number of requests for their own flights.