List of Popular Street Foods in Argentina

List of Popular Street Foods in Argentina – When you are visiting a country, you will definitely look for it and even want to try tasting the flavors of the various culinary delights that are there. One of the foods that is currently viral and highly sought after in Argentina is fast food called street food.

Here are five popular street food in Argentina. Perfect for food hunting!

List of Popular Street Foods in Argentina

1. Sandwich de Lomo
Sandwich de lomo is a sandwich that contains thin slices of lomo steak, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, chimichurri sauce, ham, cheese, and fried eggs. This food has large portions, so it will be very filling.

This delicious sandwich is not only popular in Argentina, but also very easy to find in Uruguay.

2. Choripán
Choripán is a type of sandwich that is one of the best street foods in the country. This meal consists of chorizo ​​sausage and various seasonings in crusty bread. In addition to being street food, this food is usually enjoyed as a provision for traveling.

3. Tortillas Santiaguea
Tortilla santiagueña is a type of flatbread made from wheat flour, liquid beef fat, and coarse salt. The way of making it is, the dough from these ingredients is baked on parrilla until it turns brown. This dish is best enjoyed hot and filled with ham and cheese.

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4. Cubanitos
Cubanitos are sweet and crunchy Argentinian wafer tubes. This cake also has a variant of filling that can be chocolate, lemon-flavoured cream, peanut cream, or a delicious spread of caramel like milk.

This cake is made from a combination of flour, sugar, butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and sometimes egg whites. After baking, the wafers are rolled into the shape of a Cuban cigar.

5. Panchuker
Panchuker is a famous street food that can be easily found in many street food stalls in the country. This dish is made of sausage covered in a waffle-like layer.

These foods are served on sticks for easier consumption, much like corn dogs. Sometimes this food is also added with cheese to strengthen the taste.

Some of the processed street food above hopefully can help you in finding snack inspiration when on vacation to Mexico. Which one do you think makes you drool the most?

Dangerous Ingredients in Fast Food

Dangerous Ingredients in Fast Food – Fast food is very useful when we don’t have much time to cook, but consuming too much fast food actually makes us unhealthy. The following are harmful ingredients contained in fast food:

1. Potassium bromate
Commonly called bromates, these additives are used in flour to improve its texture and rise. The author of The Little Book of Game-Changers: 50 Healthy Habits For Managing Stress & Anxiety, Jessica Cording, MS., RD., CDN., INHC., warns of the dangers of potassium bromate when used too much.

Because animal studies have found potassium bromate’s potential to cause cancer, it has been banned in Canada, the UK, and the European Union. However, in some countries, potassium bromate can still be found in various bakery products served by fast food restaurants.

Dangerous Ingredients in Fast Food

2. Propylene glycol
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies propylene glycol as an anti-caking agent. Added to soft drinks, condiments, sauces, to dairy products, propylene glycol can maintain texture.

Although for the FDA, propylene glycol is generally recognized as safe or (GRAS), the use of propylene glycol is not recommended to exceed the limit. If consumed in large quantities and long-term, it can harm individuals with a history of liver and kidney disease.

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3. Tertiary butylhydroquinone
It is very likely that you will find tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) in fast food such as fried chicken. This compound is useful for preventing spoilage of animal oils and fats. However, some studies have found a risk of health complications from TBHQ.

According to an Iranian study published in the journal Food Bioscience in 1999, TBHQ can affect the performance of probiotics, the good bacteria in the gut that affect immunity. Researchers say the findings could affect health in the long term.

Supporting the research, an animal study published in the journal Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) in 2019 found that TBHQ can reduce the immune response to colds. Although it has not been tested in humans, a similar reaction is thought to occur.

4. Calcium sulfate
Like propylene glycol, calcium sulfate is used in bread and other baked goods to keep it from clumping and making the dough thicker. While this compound does fix calcium, there are some considerations to be taken before adding calcium sulfate.


How to Stay Healthy When Eating Fast Food

How to Stay Healthy When Eating Fast Food – Consuming fast food is not good for health. Fast food tends to be high in calories and fat. If this continues to be allowed, you will be easily exposed to blood sugar and even cholesterol. But you don’t need to worry, because there are several healthy ways to still enjoy fast food. Here’s the review

Small Portion

If you are faced with various sizes of burgers, choose the smallest size such as the size for children. While an adult-sized burger contains as many as 800 calories, a kid’s burger usually contains only 250 calories.

So, make wise choices by keeping your food in small portions. If you still don’t feel full, you should eat healthier foods.

Healthy Side Food

In addition to fast food, choose healthier side dishes offered by fast food restaurants. For example, instead of french fries, choose a salad with a low-calorie dressing.

You can also add a fruit bowl or yogurt to your food choices. Other healthy food choices are steamed rice and baked potato chips. Likewise with meat, choose grilled meat. Baked food is healthier than fried.

Choose one that contains vegetables
Like salads or soups that are healthier, make sure you choose foods that contain more vegetables when eating fast food or fast food.

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Instead, choose a salad dressing with enough calories and not too much. Also, avoid eating fried chicken and cheese in the side dish you choose.

Avoid sugary drinks

Many drinks that are high in calories are found in fast food restaurants. One of them is a soft drink that has more than 200 calories and contains artificial sugar.

So, instead of consuming soda, replace your drink with regular mineral water. Avoid consuming shakes or ice cream which are also high in calories.

Not too often
Finding a fast food restaurant that offers a healthy menu is almost impossible. Therefore you need to limit yourself when eating there.

The most important thing to remember is not to eat fast food at fast food restaurants too often. You can go there once a month or two months. There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself once in a while as long as you don’t overdo it.

Eat slowly
Whatever food you enjoy, don’t be in a rush to finish it. Chew thoroughly to give your brain time to tell your body that you’re actually full.

Eating slowly is also recommended for digestive health. So you will still know yourself even though you are eating fast food at a fast food restaurant.